Forest Paper


For more than 20 years on the market, Forest Paper is a paper converter. It offers high-quality Kraft Paper and Paperboard, in tailor-made formats according to the customers’ needs. Forest Paper delivers its products adopting a responsible process, which starts with the sustainable and certified source of its papers supplied by Klabin, a reference in quality and social-environmental commitment.

In more than two decades of existence, Forest Paper has built a history of respect guided by its ability to always innovate according to the market demands, standing out for offering the best to its customers and developing solutions that increasingly value this relationship.

It has an office in São Paulo and its headquarters is strategically located in Telêmaco Borba, in the state of Paraná, one of the key papermaking cities in Brazil, thus providing greater agility in the logistics of its products.


At Forest Paper, the quality standard is above the market standards. This means superior raw material with certified origin. It is a guarantee of excellence and sustainability for your company.

Guarantee of Origin

Aware of its socio-environmental responsibility, Forest Paper only uses sustainable raw materials in its production process. Conducting its business knowing that its product must be a positive factor for society and for the preservation of the environment. And to also be a guarantee of solution and agility, Forest Paper constantly invests in the innovation and technology of its processes of customization of paper formats for packaging.


To offer to the market a differentiated option in the supply of paperboard, converting and customizing formats according to the customers’ needs.


To convert and customize paperboard and kraft paper in an agile and sustainable manner, standing out in the market for the quality of its products and services and always seeking to exceed the customers’ expectations.


To be the best strategic option for businesses in the segment of carton packaging and being recognized for its excellence in performance and commitment to people and the environment.


  • Objectivity - Goes straight to the point.
  • Socio-environmental Responsibility - The company’s business and its impacts are handled with a sustainable vision, contributing to the social-environmental and economic progress of society.
  • Determination and Strength - Continuously striving to overcome the challenges and obstacles of everyday life.
  • Excellence - Seeks excellence in everything it does, ensuring sustainable and high standard results.
  • Entrepreneurship - Seeks new perspectives for the business and mobilizes resources for their implementation.
  • Forest Paper has a large structure to offer the best customer service. Its headquarters, which covers an area of more than 43,000 square meters, features high precision equipment, which allows for the customization of papers for different applications. The company is constantly conducting research studies and making investments in the development of new technologies and in the specialization of its employees.


  • Rewinders - Ensuring agility in the process, Forest Paper has rewinders that run at a speed of one thousand meters per minute, transforming jumbo reels into the final dimension requested by the customer.
  • Sheeters - Provide speed at lower cost, since the paper goes straight to the printers, without having to be cut. The sheeters operate at a speed of 300 meters per minute and their margin of error is 1mm. To ensure even more agility and perfection, in 2014, Forest Paper acquired another sheeter, the first Marquip Synchronized eCon in Latin America. Its advanced knife is capable of producing precise cutting. The lateral jogging of the stacker provides great stack quality.
  • Sustainable Forest Management

    Sustainable management is a form of forest activity that promotes the harvesting of trees with techniques that cause minimum environmental impact. A managed forest is able to continue to offer its wealth to the future generations, as wood and its other products are renewable resources.

    The practice involves the use of technology and demands deep knowledge about the different forest species and their potential of use for the most diverse human needs. It is essential to master forest inventory and forest census, geoprocessing and land use techniques in order to determine which areas can be managed and which ones must be preserved permanently.

    It also requires specific know-how on road planning, as well as on the harvesting of trees and their removal from the forest, with the lowest level of destruction possible. And it is necessary to ensure the traceability of each step, allowing international organizations and auditors to assess whether the forest activity has been effectively carried out with the utmost awareness to preserve the environment.

    Forest Paper prioritizes companies with this initiative and considers forest management as fundamental to maintain the quality of life of the planet and the continuous and conscious generation of raw material.

    Environmental Responsibility

    Forest Paper recognizes that preserving the planet means guaranteeing a better future for everyone. Therefore, throughout its processes, it adopts a policy that always prioritizes a sustainable attitude, both in internal and external relations.

    The papers converted and marketed by Forest Paper originate from responsible forest management: the wood is transformed into paper, which is then converted by Forest Paper, always meeting the FSC® Chain-of-Custody certification criteria, the most important green seal in the world.

    Environmental responsibility is not only a concept of work, it is a real guideline for the actions of the company that, over the years of work, has matured and realized the idea that contributing to raise awareness of companies and people about the importance of the rational use of forest reserves and their raw materials, is a must for anyone who wants a better world for all.